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GSM Listening Device
GSM Listening Device GSM Listening Device

GSM Listening Device

Category: Personal Trackers
Manufacturer: Diverse Net Option, Inc.

Operating instructions:

* Startup: opening the back cover and putting the SIM card, then it automatically starts. And the indicator lights will last for 3 seconds, after the lights go out please close the cover and you can start using.

* Monitoring: after successful startup, you can use any of communication tools to dial your SIM card number in the alarm system, once it is connected, you can hear nearby voice within 10 meters in a few seconds.

* Charging: both the red and yellow indicator lights will go on when the battery is in charging, once the battery is full, the red lights will go out and the red lights still go on.

Number Setting:

Use telephone or mobile to dial the SIM card which included in the alarm system, once you hear 3 seconds voice please hang up immediately, then the system will set it as default alarm status, and it will automatically dial your telephone number or mobile number if there is voice higher than 45dB in 4 meters

Remote control Settings:

Send message”1111” to the SIM card in the alarm system can turn on the acoustic alarm function, and send message “0000” to SIM can turn off it.

Operating Frequency:

900MHZ, 1800MHZ, 1900MHZ

Standby Time:

Acoustic alarm function on, standby 3-5 days

Acoustic alarm function off, standby 12-15 days

External Control:

This device can connect to external control as per customer’s requirement. Example: human infrared sensor, RF wireless control and so on.

Important Notice:

* When the battery is depleted, it starts charging 3 minutes later after it is connected to the electrical outlet

* Before the first time using, the device should be fully charge in order to reach best performance.

* Charger standard: ± 5.0V 300-500MA, please use standard charger in case of host damage.

* Make sure to install it in the environment with strong GSM signal. Weak signal or lack of signal will contribute to bad effect and out of run,

* If the lights off, please charge it and use later.

* If you can’t connect to the device please re-install the SIM card or try it after battery charging.

* If the devices can not automatically answer calling, please re-install the SIM card

* If you need external controlling please contact us for custom solution

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