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Diverse Net Option, Inc. offers a wide product range of intelligent locks in meeting the operation needs of transportation, logistic, oil, security industry, private organizations and government departments. We successfully combine realizable mechanical lock, GPS and advance wireless communication technology to make the heavy duty and high security intelligent locks. Each intelligent lock can communicate through GSM, RFID, NFC and a feature-rich user friendly web platform, sending you accurate tracking information, lock status and real time warning alerts according to your predefined events.
Each intelligent lock is a robust high security lock and designs for outdoor environment operation. It has a build-in high capability battery providing necessary power for the lock operation, this means no external battery or power source needs for your operation.
Managing the “Physical key” in a fast moving logistic or transportation operation will be nightmares of supervisors or companies if they have a huge number of locks. Our intelligent is designed for high efficient ” Physical keyless” operation, it means you do not need to keep any physical keys or worry about losing them during operation. Our intelligent lock is opened or locked by Cellular, RFID, NFC devices or our online Web platform. Each “open” and “close” with important time and location information can be optionally stored in the platform.




  1. Build-in rechargeable battery, no external power source required
  2. Equips with GPS capabilities, reports you where it is 
  3. Cellular technology that communicates the lock’s status to your phone or via the Internet
  4. “Keyless” design reduces risk of loss the key and greatly increase operation efficiency
  5. Feature-rich online platform provides real time map, reports, alerts, lock status, users, supervisor records information
  6. Text message or email alert on the predefined events: Open, Closed, Tempered, Locations
  7. Heavy-duty, Robust, rain-proof design


  • Provides real-time information for monitoring, tracking and securing your assets
  • Feature-rich online web platform provides management, user reports, analysis and data recording
  • Provides the first line real time defense on your valuables
  • Reliable and functional with a worldwide coverage
  • Cost effective remote security, monitoring and locking solution
  • A wide range of communication device of your choice – cell phone, PC, or tablet to manage and view your locks

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